Most Expensive Graphic Card

For all gaming freaks out there, having the best graphic card is a must-have and a dream for all gamers. Isn’t it? Not only gamers but video editors and graphic designers are also mindful of such specs. After all, it’s the graphic card that makes or breaks your visual experience. Having most expensive graphic card is dream, By offering vibrant and life-like image quality, these cards have made a name for themselves. The truth is, people’s perception is deceptive. They think that if a thing is expensive, it’s bound to be the best in performance. Not sure if it works for the other units, but in terms of graphic card, you have made the right choice.

PNY TCSV100SM- Tesla V100s As Most Expensive Graphic Card

What you are looking for in a graphic card is a power-driven visual experience without any lags and distortions. There is some graphics cad available around the globe. Here, we are discussing the most powerful graphic card, so definitely it’ll have some out of the box specs. And that too a handful of them.

To make sure Tesla’s power doesn’t get too hard for you to handle, I will line down all the specs below and discuss them one by one.

PNY TCSV100SM- Tesla V100S Graphic Card -Most expensive graphic card


  • Passive Heatsink
  • PCI Express 3.0 x16 Interface
  • The 8-pin CPU power connector
  • 5120 / 640CUDA / Tensor Cores
  • 32GBHBM2 Memory
  • 16,4 TflopsSingle Precision Performance
  • Plug-in Card ATX Form Factor

Let’s dig into all of them.

Aesthetic Construction

With a compact shape and gold-colored body, the graphic card has a classic finish to it. Though it’s great on its own, Tesla’s flagship has added to its worth. Offering a remarkable performance with advanced technology is what the company has been aiming for all these years.

This most expensive graphic card tend to go for heavy processing and multi-tasking. Therefore, you need something that works efficiently and keeps the system temperature under control. Or else the system won’t be able to withstand such stress.

This high end gpu card is armed with a passive styled thermal heat sink that cools the card down. In this way, even your heaviest kind of processing will be warmly welcomed by this system.

Advanced-Data Center GPU

GPU stands for the Graphical Processing Unit and is the main graphic center in the system. Just like a CPU, the GPU deals with some computing processes that ensure smooth visuals. For supporting your heavy games and software, the GPU comes with its heat sinks.

Tesla V100 has one of the most perfectly managed GPU systems ever created. It can run over 450 HPC applications regardless of their complexity and intricacy.

Core Technology of Artificial Intelligence

Graphics have become a vital component of our lives. Everything that surrounds us uses imagery and graphics in one way or another. Limiting it to just gaming units and media software won’t be a fair thing to do.

Just like graphics, Artificial Intelligence is at its peak. It also has no set or fixed boundaries to it. From engineering to medical, data industries and even commerce industries use AI in one way or another.

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Tesla is the king of AI and has made sure its graphic card is on par with this technology. That’s done by incorporating Tesla’s chipset with Nvidia’s power to create the perfect combo. Assisted by its extensive and power-built GPU, this graphic card will cause thunder in the world.

PNY TCSV100SM- Tesla V100S Graphics Card - world most powerful gpu

Based on 640 Tensor Cores

A variety of cards were launched in the past, but with its AI-powered, 120 Teraflops per second, this is a huge invention for the world. Like how a CPU works with different cores, the GPU also has its own set of cores.  More cores offer a better degree of multitasking.

Tesla V100S graphic card uses a hefty number of- around 640 Tensor cores. This together has given the rise of 5 times more deep learning efficiency than ever. You can get 16.4 TFLOPS of single-precision while 8.2 TFLOPS of s is similar to the RAM of a CPU but has its dimensions. Without any doubts this high end GPU card lists itself in most expensive graphic card list.

The V100s has carried out this memory feature in the most professional way possible. You get a raw bandwidth of 900 GB/s with a DRAM efficiency of 95%. This gives it 1.5x more memory coverage than any other graphic card.

Most Expensive Graphic Card

PNY TCSV100SM- Tesla V100S Graphics Card - world most expensive graphic card

Flawless Overclocking Speed

Over-clocking, if not taken into consideration, can ruin the performance of even the best graphic cards as well.  Its speed is better and more regulated that has given a performance spike of over 17.1%.

You don’t even need to check its base core speed when it has a high-speed of 1601 MHz. To name down its memory ability, it has a 32GB HBM2 version fixed in it and has a memory bandwidth of 1134GBps.

Why is it expensive and what impact would it bring on gaming?

As you have read above, it has some quality specs up its sleeves. These are not only great in terms of their quantity but also their quality. With this in hand, you are bound to get top-tier results within minutes. 

Frankly speaking, this is the best graphic card for the money. Yes, I know it’s expensive but look at the specs it’s offering you at that cost. Almost everything is 5 to 10 times better than your general graphic card. If you are a trendsetter and someone fond of technology, you’ll get surely get my point on this.

Promoting performance and artificial intelligence in one unit will soon make it a game-changer. Such cards are used in computing and medical fields as they can handle their burden. So just imagine if you use it for gaming, what wonders would it do?


  • Efficient Cooling System
  • Compact Look
  • Precise Performance


  • Extremely Expensive

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With all this discussion coming to an end, we can conclude that though this graphic card is pretty expensive, it’s worth every penny. The card is beautiful on its own, and that performance added, it’s top-notch. A brilliant piece created by some brilliant technologists.

That was my take on the most expensive graphic card.

Sometimes expenses don’t matter when the result is profitable. That being said, I’ll excuse myself.

I’ll be back with another profitable and productive read.

Till then, Happy Computing!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few questions that you know the answer to before you decide to but any of these chairs. 

What is the world most expensive graphic card?

PNY TCSV100SM- Tesla V100S Graphics Card is the most expensive graphic card available

How much world most expensive graphic card is?

Tesla V100S costs $6000+. Its the most expensive graphic card available in market.

Why graphic card is the most expensive item of computer?

Since graphic cards takes computer performance to next level, and they are precisely made for high end computing. This makes them quite expensive.


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