Micro VS Mini ATX Motherboards

Is Mirco ATX better than Mini Atx? if you are searching for the difference of micro vs mini ATX then you are at right place. The ATX is a motherboard that stands for Advanced Technology eXtended. To improve the standardization, Intel developed this motherboard in 1995. ATX motherboards reduce the size of an ordinary motherboard and come with more number of slots. It mainly comes as standard ATX, micro ATX, and mini ATX. But micro and mini ATX are generally popular choices. Both vary in their features, cost, size, and slots. So, which one is better for your system, Micro VS mini ATX? It is not the question of our interest. It is about compatibility. So, you will need to be sure about this. We are covering all the similarities and differences between these two ATX models in this article. So that if you are thinking of bought an ATX motherboard for your system, you first know about these well.

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What is Micro ATX?

Micro ATX

 It is the latest variant after the standard ATX motherboard developed in 1997. It has four slots to integrate many peripheral devices and the same I/O panels as standard ATX have. As compared to the standard ATX, the number of slots is limited. So, expansion is not necessary now. That is a popular one because of its cheap rate as compare to other ATX motherboard models. Dimensions: 9.6”×9.6”

What is a Mini ATX?

Micro VS mini ATX

It is the third model of the ATX motherboard after micro ATX developed in 2001. As its name says, it’s mini, which means its size is mini, plus its capacity is also minimum. It has 2 RAM slots. It was designed to make the expansion room smaller, hence, provide only one expansion slot. That is an ideal motherboard to some extent because this ATX makes sure that your PC is running smoothly without creating any noise. Dimensions: 6.7”×6.7”

Micro VS mini ATX Comparison

Micro VS mini ATX

Micro VS mini ATX: Size comparison

The essential fact that pulls its users towards micro ATX is its size. Micro ATX is large than mini ATX. Have a look at the size in the picture. As you can see in the picture, the micro ATX is a couple of inches large than the mini ATX. Here, micro ATX gives you the advantage to connect more PCs because of its bigger size. But on the other hand, if you need to build a small set up for gaming, you should go for the mini ATX. You can leave the micro ATX or even the standard ATX because you do not need extra size with extra slots.

Micro VS mini ATX: RAM and PC slots comparison

After size, you should check the availability of the slots of the ATX motherboard. That makes a change in your decision of the motherboard. Mini ATX has two RAM slots that probably mean 32GB of RAM. And only one PC slot. Micro ATX has more PC slots, four RAM slots. I would say that is more than enough. For example, if you need a large set up for big-budget gaming, you should go for the micro ATX. On another side, Mini ATX has been used by those users who need a motherboard for their portable system.

Micro VS mini ATX: GPU support comparison

Higher screen resolution, textures, anti-aliasing are all factors that directly affect the number of GPU in your system. For mini ATX, as we have already discussed that mini ATX supports only one PC. So, ultimately it supports only one GPU. Now we must expect that micro ATX would support multi GPU. But unfortunately, micro ATX lacks to support multi GPUs. In short, we could say that the ATX motherboard does not support multi GPU. Some new models are supporting dual GPU that you can buy with more price rate.

Micro VS mini ATX: Price comparison

After reading the above comparison, you might be thinking that micro ATX would be expensive than the Mini ATX. Let me surprise you! Although micro ATX has more slots availability and the mini ATX is more costly than the micro ATX. That is because of its portability. Because of its small size, it fits the needs of a person who has a single PC and does not need more than one PC slot. If you have a mini ATX motherboard, it means that you have a portable PC. Moreover, the mini ATX consumes less power as compared to the micro ATX.

Which ATX motherboard is better for gaming PC?

We have already discussed the differences between these two ATX models. Now it is time to be more specific. If you require a gaming PC, then we suggest you go for the micro ATX. For gaming purposes, you would need more memory offer by a micro ATX with 4 RAM slots. Similarly, gamers have a concern about the performance of the game. For good performance, you will need more graphic cards. And for big-budget gaming, you will need to connect more PCs with your system. So you require more PC slots provided by micro ATX motherboard. With all these features, you will get this at a low price. So, it is a perfect motherboard for your gaming PC components. Ryzen 7 3700 compatible motherboards

Which ATX motherboard is better for a desktop computer?

If you are not a game lover and want a single PC for daily use, a mini ATX is a better option. Although mini ATX does not have more RAM slots, PC slots like micro ATX but the point is that you do not need that all. One single PC slot is enough for your desktop. Two RAM slots with 32GB will fulfill your memory needs. Its sleek and small design fits in any single PC, which makes a desktop computer more portable. It is advantageous with its low noise and less power consumption rate. Besides these factors, people switch to micro ATX as they do not have a big budget while it is costly.

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