Micro ATX VS Mini ITX Motherboards

What is ATX?

ATX stands for Advanced Technology eXtended
 It is a motherboard and power source arrangement specification developed by Intel in 1995. Micro ATX is the most general motherboard outline. Other standards for small boards generally keep the basic back layout but decrease the size and number of expansion slots.

 What is ITX?

ITX, Information Technology eXtended is a mini motherboard form factor from VIA automation established in November 2001 with the Mini ITX. Close-packed ITX motherboards are frequently using in cheap small setups in cars, system devices, set-top boxes, and other mini computers.

Micro Atx vs Mini ITX

Micro ATX or Mini ITX

The motherboard is a critical part of your computer. If you need to put up a new computer but do not know which motherboard is appropriate for you, you are in the proper place. While there are multiple forms and sizes accessible in motherboards, micro ATX and mini ITX are the two most approachable. Motherboards can extend in reviews, market price, and size. The thing that the earliest builders fight with is knowing what the variation is between motherboard shape factors.

Comparison of Micro ATX and Mini ITX

Micro ATX and Mini ITX could differentiate from each other in various views.

Micro ATX vs Mini ITX motherboards
Micro ATX or Mini ITX


When saying about Micro ATX VS Mini ITX, the first thing require to differentiate is their size.

Micro ATX’s size is about 244*244mm (9.6”*9.6”). Whereas Mini ITX’s is about 170*170mm (6.7”*6.7”).

When you balance the size of them, the victor is the Mini ITX.

RAM Slots:

One more thing to contrast when speaking about Micro ATX VS Mini ITX is RAM slots.

Micro ATX braces up to four memory slots and Mini ITX only braces 2 RAM slots. Each only carries 16 GB RAM.

That’s why if you want more than 32 GB of RAM in the upcoming Mini ITX, you will not be able to select to enlarge RAM. That is one of the causes of why you should not think about the size but the supplied slots.

 PCIe Slots:

In the words of PCIe slots, the distinction between Micro ATX and Mini ITX is even significant.

Micro ATX motherboard has four PCIe slots whereas, Mini ITX only has one PCIe slot. These slots can use join the graphics card with the system.

Micro ATX vs Mini ITX

Slots are typically placing on the border of the circuit board. That’s why if the space on the motherboard is compact, it may not be attainable to install an acute graphics card. Hence, it is best to select Micro ATX motherboards because they give more PCIe slots. Learn more about i7 9700k motherboards


The last thing to the contrast between Micro ATX and Mini ITX is the cost. It was saying that due to the small-scale Mini ITX motherboard, the market price is low-priced. Although you false here. Micro ATX is the most economical. That is because the challenge for them is high, and therefore, the organization can decrease costs. Although when selecting a Micro ATX motherboard, you need to make sure that the standard of components meets the conditions.

Cooling Capability:

As it is familiar that Micro ATX samples are large than Mini ITX samples. It is clear-cut that Micro ATX samples support a large variety of cooling solutions, and they are commonly much better in words of cooling performance. Mini ITX samples support a smaller number of fans, and they have the slightest convector support and are limited to 120mm in most cases. That concludes that in much smaller airflow directing to higher component temperatures.

Which one to select mATX or mITX

After obtaining some information about Micro ATX and Mini ITX, which motherboard should you select to perform your tasks? The option between Micro ATX and Mini ITX depends on the kind of PC you are structuring.

Micro ATX vs Mini ITX For Gaming Computer

If you plan to construct a gaming PC, the Micro ATX motherboard is your perfect option. It will offer you to incorporate more RAM. It also braces the Dual-GPU system. Even after that, free slots for expansion will deliver. As the number of PCIe slots expands, you can grow your computer later. But if there is not sufficient space, only Mini ITX is a good option. If you want to use a Mini ITX, then an area of the graphic card to joined with the system should also be small. That is because the slot features the edge. have ryzen motherboard, check best ryzen compatible motherboards

Micro ATX vs Mini ITX For Workstation

When generating a workstation, you can use the Mini ITX. That is because you do not want high-level RAM. You will not want an extra slot to join the graphics card. Therefore, Mini ITX will use if there is not sufficient space when constructing a workstation.

Micro ATX vs Mini ITX For Desktop PC

Lastly, if all you plan to use a PC for is the internet, interactive media, some periodic office work, or some simple gaming, the perfect and best solution for you would be the cheapest one.

That said, a Micro ATX motherboard would be the course of action to go once again, as it’s generally the cheapest choice accessible and will have all things you require. Although whether you need to build a high-level dense PC, a payout of an extra 50$ on a Mini ITX motherboard might be available.

Micro ATX Motherboard:

Micro ATX motherboards are cost-effective.It has lesser PCI-E slots than Standard ATX.
It can fit in a high diversity of cases.Maximum overclocking may be a case.
It has the same RAM dimensions as Standard-ATX existing four slots.It has a small-scale size.
Dense to a certain extent.It has a low RAM magnitude.

Mini ITX Motherboard:

It is exceptionally dense.It has defective overclocking production.
It is highly transferable.It has defective expandability.
It is creatively pleasing.Similarity issues and not all GPUs will be suitable.

Above all discussion, if you move a lot and observe portability at a specific point, Mini ITX would be the best option. On the other hand, you should better purchase a Micro ATX sample, as they give a wide range of performances.

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