Is Ryzen 7 Better Than I7

When it comes to CPU Intel is said to be the pioneer in the field. But, later on, other reputed companies also joined in the race and AMD is one of such examples. In this article, we are going to draw a comparison between two very efficient CPUs produced by these electronic giants. They are Ryzen 7 2700X from AMD and Core i7-9700K from Intel respectively and will see Is ryzen 7 better than i7. In the following article, we are going to do a head to head test of i7 9700k with ryzen 7 2700x.

Amd Ryzen 7 2700X vs intel i7 9700k

Is AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Better Than Intel I7 9700k

For a long time AMD’s eight core 16 thread Ryzen CPUs have been ruling in terms of core count. But, later Intel improved its core counts and launched its Core i7 and Core i9 generation CPUs with the same eight core counts physical features. This launch brought both of the giants very close in core counts competition. However, it came to be known that the new Core i7-9700 CPU doesn’t support Hyper-threading technology. Since with same number of cores, the physical core provide much better grip than hyperthreading enable Ryzen core.

This technology later on was employed in the new Intel i9-9900K. This difference means that Intel’s Core i7-9700 CPU comes with as many as half of the threads compared to its competitor that is, AMD Ryzen 7. Although the Intel’s Core i7-9700K comes with a base frequency of 3.6GHz. The said frequency can boost up the clock of 4.9GHz within single threaded applications. The base frequency may boost up in the following pattern:

  • The 4.8GHz can boost up across two cores
  • The 4.7GHz can boost up across four cores
  • The 4.6GHz across all the eight cores

The Intel’s 9th Generation Core CPU however, is compatible with DDR4-266 memory speeds. This speed still is slightly lower than the new Ryzen Generation. But, still you can run all the softwares including games that need faster memory. 

AMD Ryzen 7 2700x or Intel i7 9700k

• Eight-core• Eight-core
• 16-thread• 8-thread
• 3.7GHz processor
• Precision Boost Speed: 4.3GHz• Precision Boost Speed: 4.9GHz
• TDP: 105W• TDP 95 W
• 3700 MHz. Maximum turbo frequency. 4300 MHz• 3.60 GHz. • Max Turbo Frequency 4.90 GHz.
• 64 bit.64 bit.
• 8 x 512 KB 8-way set associative caches.
• 2 x 8 MB 16-way set associative shared caches.• Cache 12 MB Intel® Smart Cache.
• Multiprocessing using a Uniprocessor• Bus Speed 8 GT/s.
• 105 Watt
• The processor has an unlocked clock multiplier

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Is Ryzen 7 Better Than I7, Ryzen 7 2700x vs Intel i7 9700k

Before we dive deep into discussion, let’s have a look on their complete and comparative features between the two

AMD Ryzen 7 2700XIntel Core i7-9700K       
ArchitectureZen+Coffee Lake
Cores / Threads8/168/8
Base Frequency (GHz)3.73.6
Boost Frequency(Active Cores – GHz)4.3GHz1 Core  –  4.92 Cores – 4.84 Cores – 4.78 Cores – 4.6
L3 Cache16MB12MB
Memory SpeedDDR4-2933 (single rank)DDR4-2677 (dual rank)DDR4-2666
Memory ControllerDual-ChannelDual-Channel
Integrated UHD Graphics GT2(Base/Boost MHz)no iGPU350 / 1200

Ryzen 7 2700X or Core i7 9700K, Who Is Better In Threads and Cores?

The Ryzen. In a close competition between Ryzen 7 2700X and Core i7-9700K, we have seen that there are some features where the latter dominates the field although its very tough to declare Is Ryzen 7 Better Than I7. No doubt up to dynamic core clock adjustments, the match is on a draw. But when it comes to cores and threads, the Ryzen holds a slight edge over Intel. AMD offers its CPU Ryzen 7 2700X with eight cores and 16 threads whereas the Intel’s Core i7-9700K doesn’t.  

Motherboard Options:

Intel Core i7-9700K

When it comes to the motherboard options, Intel offers the same Core processors in its 8th generation and 9th generation processors which are Intel 300-Series chipsets. This means you got lots of motherboard options to pair with a Core i7-9700k. 

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X:

AMD CPUs also offer a wide range of motherboard options that you can pair up with CPUs of other serieses. Besides, if you are under budget, you can opt for AMDs processors like A300 and A330 but they offer minimum specs. If you care about performance, then your right choice could be B350 and B450. However, the said CPUs lack in supporting multi-GPU configurations. But, if you have no problem with budget and care about the maximum, then you can rely on X370 and X470. Both support all the features of faster CPUs such as dual-graphics card configurations. 

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Which One Is Better In Motherboard Options?

The Ryzen. When it comes to motherboard options, Intel’s options are subject to compatibility and to some extent a bit pro. As such, Intel’s CPUs may cost you more. AMD’s CPUs are just otherwise and offer better motherboard support. So, again AMD is the winner in the motherboard options too.

Overclocking Potential:

AMD’s Ryzen 7 2700X:

If overclocking is what your criteria for Is ryzen 7 better than i7? then The CPUs of  both Intel and AMD support overclocking but with a different methodology. However the AMD’s CPUs come unlocked from the manufacturing unit. It means you can readjust it to your preferences. Intel’s CPUs restrict such overclocking of its CPUs.

Intel Core i7-9700K:

When you overclock an Intel CPU, it’s performance increases whereas the Ryzen CPU’s performance decreases. The reason for this performance difference is the technology that these giants use. 

Which One Is Better In Overclocking Potential?

Core i7-9700. Thanks to greater maximum clock speed limits and higher performance capabilities, the Intel’s Core i7-9700 serves better overclocking potential.

Cooling Solutions:

AMD’s Ryzen 7 2700X:

AMD’s Ryzen 7 2700X comes with “AMD Wraith Prism cooler”. This cooler has unique features such as four copper heat pipes with a downward firing fan. The two modes “L” with 116W and 2,800 rpm and “H” with 124W and 3,600 rpm make it more efficient. Similarly, you can control the RGB fans independently which is also a great feature of AMD’s Wraith Prism. Although it’s not the best cooler out there, still it gets the job done perfectly. 

Intel Core i7-9700K:

Here Intel seems to be powerless as it doesn’t offer an efficient cooler like AMD’s. 

Which One Is Better in Cooling Solutions?

The Ryzen. AMD’s Ryzen of course is the unopposed winner in this situation.

  • Gaming Performance Between AMD’s Ryzen 7 2700X and Intel’s Core i7-9700:

When it comes to gaming performance between the CPUs of Intel and AMD, the former has a clear edge over the latter. In lots of cases Intel Core i7 having stock clock speeds excelled its competitor Ryzen pretty prominently. so is Ryzen 7 better than i7 in gaming , NO.

  • Which One Is Better in Gaming Performance?

Core i7-9700. Thanks to clock speeds and other features, Intel’s Core i7-9700 is way ahead of AMD’s Ryzen. So, Core i7-9700 is of course a better option for gaming performance.


So, do consider all the comparisons between AMD’s Ryzen 7 2700X and Intel’s Core i7-9700 in terms of Cores and Threads, Motherboard Options, Overclocking, and Gaming Performance. Following is the table that can facilitate you make your decision. At the end its still very hard to answer Is ryzen 7 better than i7? if price is the criteria, the AMD Ryzen 7 2700x is winner, if overclocking and better grip on cores and performance the Intel i7 9700 must be your choice.

Ryzen 7 2700x


  • Reasonable Features
  • Stock Coolers
  • Handsome Motherboard Options
  • Price Value


  • No better Overclocking
  • Slight Low Gaming performance

Intel I7 9700k


  • Better Gaming Performance
  • Over Clocking


  • Slight less Features
  • Less Motherboard Options
  • High Price

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