Intel Core i9 9900k For Gaming PC

Intel Core i9-9900k is a new gaming core for PCs. This is a new core that offers the camera a little more than the last core. Though this has a tight energy consumption and the operations run sufficiently smoother, the core is still pretty expensive. It hasn’t brought a revolutionary change as it should have in recent years. 

This does cater to all available chips on the market while still maintaining a good 95 watts thermal package, which turns out to be a great offer, though they certainly could do better. 

Best combinations with Core i9 9900k For Gamers

Lined up are a few products which alone with the Core i9 9900k for better performance. 

Best motherboard for i9 9900k 

These are a few of our best motherboard for i9 9000k

MSI MPG Z390 PRO Motherboard

MSI MPG Z390 PRO Motherboard, best motherboard for i9 9900k

MSI motherboard is dedicated to the pro gamers who dedicate their lives to becoming the top players. This motherboard is equipped with all the necessities you require to stay two steps ahead of your competition. With clear sound systems and multiple improved software systems, you have faster and much more improved gaming experience. The motherboard is equipped with full shielding, which provides extra protection and protects from any external damage. 

A shield frozr protects them and slows down the fast SSD if they get too hot, and an extended heatsink makes the system work smoothly. 


  • Has a mystic light sync
  • Quick processor
  • Faster gaming


  • Some customers have disliked the mystic light program.
Brand Name MSI
Item model number MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON

Gigabyte Store Z390 AORUS PRO Motherboard

Gigabyte store Z390 AORUS PRO Motherboard, best motherboard for i9 9900k

This motherboard seems like the total package when it comes to being a gaming motherboard. Supports intel nine and provides the user the same speed and excellent user interface to ensure that you’re getting more than what you anticipated. This motherboard comes with the ability to dispatch heat as much as possible and keep a stable ground for a fast working motherboard to ensure you are not under any risk of overheating. The entire thing is equipped with great thermal onboard guards, which provide a great deal of heat handling. 

The board also has a tremendous wireless wifi connection, which allows fast loading for you to enjoy a great deal of speed while playing.


  • Has smart fan five feature
  • Supports both 8th and 9th intel processors 
  • Has an advanced thermal system 


  • Not very easy to use for new users
Brand Name Gigabyte
Item model number Z390 AORUS PRO WIFI

ASUS Store ROG Strix Gaming Motherboard

ASUS store ROG Strix Gaming motherboard, best motherboard for i9 9900k

The best motherboard i9 9900k is designed to be compatible with the 8-9th intel core processor. It has the maximum connectivity and speed with dual M.2 and multiple ram devices, which give you better gaming experience. 

With a massive motherboard that works and livers quickly comes to the responsibility of making sure the processor is cool and is easy to use throughout the entire process. For this purpose, a 5-way optimized FaXpert 4 is installed to ensure that the dynamic cool down much more efficiently. 

The system is protected with a cover shield that provides the system with extra protection and longevity. The board, according to the company, is easy to install and is easy to set up.


  • Easy setup 
  • Better cooling systems. 
  • Easy to keep up with. 


  • This motherboard is expensive for what it offers compared to the competition. 
Brand Name ASUS
Item model number 90MB0YF0-M0EAY1

Best CPU Cooler For i9 9900k 

Cooler Master CPU Cooler

Cooler Master CPU cooler, Best CPU Cooler For i9 9900k

The fan works great with all that it is. With a great design and a sound heat dispatch system, this cooler allows the user with the convenience you need. The sleek design is not only the good thing about this cooler fan; it also has four heat pipes that allow heat dispersion to be done much more quickly and has exclusive heat dispatch qualities with the ability to have very low noise. This cooler has a precise heat discretion system, which allows the least amount of airflow resistance, maintaining a good air dispersion. It has good remote access to the LED system attached to the cooler. 


  • Fan bracket design is easy to remove. 
  • Smart fan sensor to protect from jamming wires 
  • Sleek design


  • There have been several complaints about cheap quality material used. 

Brand Name Cooler Master
Item model number RR-212S-20PC-R1

Cool Master Store MLX D36M Liquid CPU Cooler For i9 9900k

Cool Master Store MLX D36M Liquid CPU Cooler, Best CPU Cooler For i9 9900k

A thermal cooling system allows the user to stay carefree when it comes to keeping the system cooled and very comfortable for any usage. This cooling system works on a thermal cooling system that can handle moisture and damp situations while still maintaining a good performance. This fan has a dual-chamber performance, which is much better than a single-chamber performance. 

This thermal cooler for i9 9900k is excellent and has addressable LED lights that can be changed to match your CPU colors. 

With all that it is and seeing how efficiently it can work, this fan is also extremely quiet and works silently while being aesthetic. 


  • Efficient and Pleasing the look at 
  • Prone to damp and moist situations 


  • The instructions for installation are very hard to read. 
Brand Name Cooler Master
Item model number MLX-D36M-A20PC-R1

Corsair Store Advanced Lighting Software CPU Cooler For i9 9900k

Corsair store Advanced lighting software CPU cooler, Best CPU Cooler For i9 9900k

A super quiet cooler that allows you to be in a comfort zone while playing. Only making 25bd of noise stays the quietest while it does its job the highest speed. This cooler stops at a low temperature when the CPU does not require an ample amount of cooling down, thus saving a fair amount of energy while you can destroy enemies online. 

This fan is powered by magnetic levitation, which allows you to change the amount of fan power you require. This has the ability to deliver an incredible amount of airflow while producing only 20bd of noise, which is super quiet. It has a bold look and is excellent overall.


  • Chic look
  • Extremely low noise production
  • Easy to use


  • Corsair CPU cooler a little bad when it comes to customer services
Brand Name Corsair
Item model number CW-9060031-WW

Best Ram For i9 9900k 

Corsair Store Vengeance 3200MHz

Corsair store Vengeance 3200MHz, Best Ram For i9 9900k

The best ram memory for the Intel Core i9 9900k is 16gb. This hits all the perfect notes while playing. Going for overkill in this situation would totally be unnecessary, and this ram is worth investing in. This ram is colorful and easily controlled. With everything combined, the ram is perfect for the processor. This ram has a good amount of stability and provides all the good things while you’re playing with your computer. With ten individually controlled lights, this makes a great aesthetic to match your set up. This ram support DDR4 and has stability on the latest AMD while unlocking superior ICs and is has a heat spreader while being anodized with aluminum.


  • Easy set up. 
  • Anodized. 
  • Perfect capacity. 


  • The RGB has a few problems. 
Brand Name Corsair
Item model number CMW16GX4M2C3200C16

G Skill Store 16GB DDR4 Trident Z For i9 9900k

G skill store 16GB DDR4 Trident Z, Best Ram For i9 9900k

This one is a beautifully crafted piece of technology which exudes luxury and provides what is needed by the user. His ram is of 16 GB and has 3200mhz to work with but is the perfect amount to support the i9 9900k. This also has a little pressure on it being very aesthetic when it comes to the new trend of having your PC look aesthetic with LED lights. This ram has four color options for you to choose from and gives you the freedom to match the color coordination with the rest of the PC much more easily. This ram also is plated with gold or silver to maintain the classy look it has to begin with. Continuing onto the heat spreader, this ram is polished and can provide you the maximum control over your operations. 


  • Easy to install 
  • Has a great outlook 
  • Very aesthetic


  • A little too bougie for some people’s liking 
Brand Name G.SKILL
Item model number F4-3200C16D-16GTRG

Best GPU For i9 9900k 

Corsair Store 2×26 GB Ram 

Corsair store 2x26 GB ram ,Best GPU For i9 9900k

When 16GB isn’t enough to satiate an undying hunger, you turn to such option options, giving you a more significant and bigger boost. At the same time, one can easily perform multiple tasks without having your computer having to be stuck on a little extra pressure. This ram can provide you memory up to 64GBs, which may sound like a total overkill with the i9 9900k processor and work best i9 9900k motherboard, but it’s a good product that provides you with better options than the rest. This ram is aluminum and provides better heat dispersion, allows great product control, and has superior overclocking headroom.


  • Faster reliable performance
  • Multiple color choices
  • Has a lifetime warranty 


  • A little bit of an overkill 
Brand Name Corsair
Item model number CMK32GX4M2B3200C16

EVGA Store Gaming Backplate

EVGA store gaming backplate, Best GPU For i9 9900k

While being one of the best GPU for i9 9900k can give you the best overlooking experience, new technology has to offer. This can provide you with one of the most vivid and clear gaming experiences available. 

It is stocked with real-time ray-tracing in games that clear out any specs and give you a real first-hand clear and vivid experience of a game you decide to play. This gaming backplate is certainly one of the best things to hit the market while also providing the ability to keep everything in a cool setting due to the dual fam system. This can perform on its peak while still keeping everything on a low and cool temperature and overclocking in the original terms.



  • All metal backplate. 
  • Much quieter. 
  • Hyper-realistic graphics. 


  • Is not recommended for older processors or CPUs 
Brand Name EVGA
Item model number 06G-P4-2068-KR

ASUS Store GeForce Overclocked

ASUS store GeForce overclocked, Best GPU For i9 9900k

DirectX 12 Ultimate is the freshest form of the API and new best quality level for the up and coming age of games. DirectX 12 Ultimate takes games to an unheard-of level of authenticity with help for beam following, work shaders, variable-rate concealing, and sampler criticism. GeForce RTX is the sole PC stage with help for these game-evolving highlights.

This age, our top-end cards embrace a 2.7-space impression to oblige a bigger heatsink because greater is better. We’ve expanded our cooling cluster’s general surface territory by over 20% contrasted with last gen. If you need to press the most out of the ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080Ti’s exhibition, our most recent plan gives you significantly more warm headroom for overclocking. 


  • Makes monitoring performance and streaming easier. 
  • Has increased airflow. 
  • Maximized heatsink.


  • May has some issues with the delivery. 
Brand Name ASUS
Item model number ROG-STRIX-RTX2080TI-O11G-GAMING

Sapphire Technology Store Radeon Backplate

Sapphire technology store Radeon Backplate, Best GPU For i9 9900k

This is not only a GPU but much more. This provides the user the ability to change the quality of which the game is provided. This makes things extensively easy for the user to operate and give a much clearer view in 3D games and, to be exact, a 15% upgrade on the resolution quality while providing a 10% improvement in popular games. This not only gives you higher resolution options but makes, but you can also run the games on a lower resolution based on their hat the interface is. 

This is not only a graphics provider much more. This can provide the user with an interface with an incredible performance at an optimal budget. And it offers the ideal graphics for 1080p gamers.


  • Provides a better gaming experience 
  • Much more than a GPU
  • Easier to handle


  • Has strict return policy

Brand Name Sapphire Technology
Item model number 11296-01-20G

Best Thermal Paste For i9 9900k

ARCTIC Store Thermal Paste

ARCTIC Store thermal paste, Best Thermal Paste For i9 9900k

The thermal compound comes with the real consistency for the application; it is easy even for beginners to set up everything. This thermal compound is carbon-based and has a great way of providing the computer the necessary heat conduction; it needs to dispatch into the air to avoid any overheating. This is also great when the computer is being used in an overclocking situation. This makes everything much easier for the computer. It does not contain any metal components giving electrical shock a very low chance. This is a very good product for anyone to use. It has the right things added to make every heat dispatch a success and even helps in multiple other situations. And that applies well for eight years, as said by the company.


  • High durability
  • Good component mixture
  • Does not have the risk of electric shock during application


  • May has a temperature limit. 

Brand Name ARCTIC
Item model number MX-4


All of these products are compatible with the i9 9900k. This is one of the most advanced processors of its time. Even though better and newer processors have been made in recent times. This still does persist to become one of the most liked as used in the world. With multiple compatible products, these are a few of our top picks from Amazon. These are easily shipped, and most of them have an excellent return policy. These are good and easy to use for people who build their CPU from the ground up and suitable for beginners who want to up their gaming systems a notch. 

A few of these have bad customer reviews but overall are great and reasonable enough to try out. 



Is the i9 9900k good for gaming?

The i9 is good for gaming. But with a dual creation of a sound chip, content creators and both gamers have a go at this new chip. This was released after two years of progress and production, and they were able to give the world a good piece of technology that satisfied a majority of the crowd. And the chip did not need an extensive amount of improvements since it was enough to provide for what the people demanded.

Why do I need thermal paste?

The thermal paste may sound like toothpaste when you first hear about it, but the truth is that this thermal paste is one of the most essential components in the entire PC. It plays an essential part in the entire set up and gives your PC the ability to displace heat much more easily to ensure that you’re not building heat in the processor while enjoying your favorite game or while creating some of the best content there is. This little investment helps you stabilize your PC.

Why is a fan attached to my motherboard?

These fans gave an essential role in the system. These are no things that are carelessly installed to make the PC look good, but these motherboards are made to ensure that the not overheated. Some of these are thermal, and some of these use average wind displacement to ensure that the CPU and motherboard and everything around stays cool while you perform a good deal of your ideal tasks. These also have numerous forms in which the fans are in a more significant amount of have the only main component that works just as well as the others.

Do I need to install LED lights?

No, you do not. These lights are just a part of being aesthetically pleasing. These do not play a part in making the system work any better or don’t make overclocking easier or do not actually have a role to play in making the system perform any better. But who doesn’t love to see a great deal of beautiful lighting shining while you’re playing a simple yet intricate game to relax from the busy lie schedule that’s created? Thought these aren’t important, but they do create a much warmer environment for the player to indulge in and find peace in.

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