HP 22 inch All in One PC

All in one pc is not just an ordinary pc, its a compact, with all components inside display body. The whole Computer takes just once monitor space and provides all features like traditional cpu and monitors provides. They mostly are used where you need a computer that takes less space. They have built-in speakers, cpu, ssd, ram, microphone and usb ports like HP 22 all in one pc. The only difference between all-in-one pc and laptop other than design is, all-in-one computer takes continuous power to run, however laptops have built-in batteries. Now a days there are alot of companies that are making all in pc’s like hp, asus, and acer. HP is never less than in introducing digital devices with detailed and latest technical features. The HP 22 all in one pc is one of the most amazing creation that HP has launched in the digital market. If you want to buy a reasonable and durable product with all prominent technical features then, go for HP all in one desktop. The device an excellent comeback for your money, and you can save your time by exploring too many buying options.

Its detailed review would reveal the qualities and compatibilities it possesses to serve you with best. The processing speed and digital functionality are stunning to feel the super amazing difference. Let’s explore it further by watching its specifications

All about HP 22-inch All-in-One Computer

HP 22 all in one pc specifications

HP 22 All in One PC Specifications and features

 Display and backlit

The HP 22 has 22 inches display with a WLED backlit feature. Its resolution is impressive with 1920 x 1080 and provides a wide-angled vision for an easy and comfortable view. The device display is awesome and has multiple settings buttons under the display.


The processor comprises or AMD Athlon 3000 Series to uplift the excitement and thrill while browsing and dealing with your important data.

RAM and SSD card

HP 22 comes up with 2 RAM and 2 SSD options, You can choose base on your requirement, Ram size options are 4GB or 8GB. For a complete and protected data storage box while SSD card memory is 256 GB to provide complete and better performance.

USB ports and window

It works with Windows 10, and besides having the plug-in ports it has an HDMI port to possess the features like a gaming desktop.


  • You will be getting better performance and greater reliability
  • has built-in headphone and microphone
  • Provide audio return channel with 48-bit deep color
  • Supports Windows 10 and you can play games
  • Its multitasking device with an upgraded hard disk drive


  • Check the warranty for this product
  • Read the manual guide before using this device

Why, HP 22 all in one desktop?

As I have mentioned features and specifications of HP 22 all in one desktop with a detailed review. Now, you can notice the upgraded and latest technology that it possesses for serving you with the best desktop option. Let’s dig in further

  • Its processing speed is incredible offering faster and comprehensive tasks within the time
  • RAM size is adorable for saving the important data
  • SSD card is included with reasonable space and graphics
  • The connectivity is simple Via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet
  • It supports Windows 10
  • Has HDMI port for play games

Now, its features and specs are explained with a detailed review of the device. You can’t find the qualities of all in one desktop as HP 22 is offering you.


The HP 22 all in one pc is the most amazing device with super incredible features and functions. If you are a beginner or you want to buy the device for your kids then, you can consider this product. The device has high-quality specs and an attractive display to increase the enthusiasm of working. Faster speed and ease to use are the primary features of this device. Let’s enjoy your desktop version of HP with powerful graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few questions that you know the answer to before you decide to but any of these chairs. 

Does HP 22 all in one pc has microphone?

Yes Hp 22 inch all in computer has microphone and speaker, so you talk/ record directly without any external microphone.

How much hard disk space available in Hp 22 all in pc?

The Hp 22 computer has built-in 8gb of RAM and has huge 256 GB of SSD space. 

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