Top 8 Best RGB Gaming Chair Reviews [Best Seller in 2020]

Gaming chairs are one of the essential tools in giving you the best experience in gaming. They fit right in, and you don’t have to deal with multiple normal chairs to get to the perfect one. Countless hours can be spent gaming on these chairs, and you won’t have to feel tired or uncomfortable. With multiple ergonomic back support systems and models which support your body right to curve, the options are endless. These gaming chairs are not only good for gaming but also great for long office hours, like the Ribao best RGB gaming chair, and mine RGB gaming chair gets the job done. Not only these, but we have a few of the best lined up for you to choose from. 

Top 8 Best RGB Gaming chair

Xtreme pro-R1 Gaming Chair

Best Rgb Gaming chair

The Xtreme Pro RGB gaming chair is great for beginners who experiment with what they should buy. Considering the Xtreme pro-RGB gaming chair, this does offer the normals that one would expect from a gaming chair. The weight support on this thing goes up to 113 KGs and can support your back pretty comfortably; side support cushions your body and makes it easy for you to play all day long.

The head support is also pretty significant and has a cushioning, making it easy for the user to rest with. The chair also is easily bent back 135° and adjusted back and forth, providing you to choose the perfect position to play in. This chair is made using PU leather, which is easily wiped down and cleaned pretty quickly. This also can stream customized lighting, which sets the mood while playing endless games. 


  • Easy to clean. 
  • Fade-resistant. 
  • Has a good weight support. 


  • Does not have a long life expectancy. 

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GAMDIAS store Multicolor Gaming Chair


The GAMDIAS multi-color RGB gaming chair brings the A-game to the floor; with an aluminum base, this can easily support up to 150kg of weight. This has a good weight limit, which can cater to a multitude of games. It is also made with sweat-resistant material.

The chair also comes with comfort and an adjustable back, which can easily be bent up to 150° and has a lock to ensure you don’t fall back. The GAMDIAS multi-color RGB gaming chair also has a 4-D armrest, which provides more comfort.

Don’t worry about the chair’s foam deforming since this is packed and loaded with some of the best and can resist any sorts of pressure. This line of chairs also deals with the GAMIDAS Achilles m1 RGB gaming chair. These are some of the best supporting chairs which allow gamers to be in comfort at all times while playing games


  • Great leather vinyl exterior. 
  • Adjustable customization. 
  • Has up to 10 lighting effect options 


  • There can be a few mishaps during shipping. 

GAMIDAS store Achilles E3 BB RGB Gaming Chair

Achilles E3 BB RGB Gaming Chair

The GAMIDAS store always has something good to offer. This is the Achilles e3l also from this line is the GAMIDAS Achilles c1l gaming chair; such chairs offer a great variety in comfort and are some of the best in the business. His chair specifically has all that you need for a good gaming experience; not only is it.good for gaming, but it is also made in office design to look professional and provide comfort for those long work hours.

The chair can easily bear 330 lbs while being covered with good quality leather, soft, breathable, and resistant to sweating. The RGB factor allows the chair to be easily customized with LED lighting; it also offers a HERA software, which can be downloaded and used on the chair. The chair weighs a total of 9kgs, which is practically lightweight.


  • Resistant to sweating. 
  • Has a reasonable weight limit. 
  • Is lightweight 


  • The overall built is not very significant. 

Raidmax Drakon DK925 RGB Gaming Chair

Raidmax Drakon DK925

This is the Raidmax RGB gaming chair, which is built to last a long time. This chair is provided one of the cheaper options to opt for and allows you to experience a good time while playing. Even though it is reasonable, the manufacturers don’t hold back on providing you the best they can offer.

This Raidmax RGB gaming chair is built with an ergonomic design that supports your body and has a 3 point support system for your head, spine, and lumber. Also adjustable are the pillows, which come along with the headrest. This chair can swirl 360° and provides and class 4 gas lift. The wheels are smooth and are great for placing anywhere since they don’t scratch the floor and maintain cleanliness. 

The backrest option on this chair has a limit of 135° and can provide an upright angle of 90°. The company provides you a decent offer for a fair price. 


  • Easy to move wheels. 
  • Good support system. 
  • Quality PU leather usage. 


  • The chair can have defaults while shipping. 

Aerocool store Adjustable chair

 Adjustable chair

The chair offers you comfort and a breathable gaming experience throughout the time you want to invest in gaming. The seamless faux leather on this aerocool ac120 RGB gaming chair is seamless and filled with multiple tiny breathable holes that allow the chair to remain cool even after hours of gaming. The chair does not lack comfort because it offers a fully ergonomic design that supports your neck and back while providing you the choice of bending the chair back to a 180° angle.

This is perfect for power naps or taking rest; not only this, but it can easily handle 150kgs of weight while still lighting up and providing an excellent rolling system that allows you to complete control. This also has a range of color choices and can offer a good class 4 hydraulic gas lift while giving the user to rock their chair from an angle of 3-18°. This fun chair is sure to be worth it. 


  • Smooth faux leather exterior. 
  • Extremely breathable. 
  • Has a reasonable weight support limit. 


  • There have been some complaints of the chair being noisy. 

ThunderX3 Gaming Chair

Gaming chair

This s at is the Aerocool ThunderX3 rc3 RGB gaming chair; these seats are inspired by the casual racing chairs, which are supposed to provide you the speed and comfort both at one time. This chair combines that thought and makes it a gaming chair.

The back on this chair is adjustable and allows you to be very comfortable, not only so this also has an adjustable armrest that you can use as your heart desires. The back height on this chair is also flexible and can easily be altered to your height needs. The Aerocool ThunderX3 rc3 RGB gaming chair is made with a high-density molding that adjusts to your body and allows you great comfort.

No matter your body shape, the chair can support your configuration very easily and mold itself just the way you want it to be. The frame is made to be entirely very sturdy and, though, for a long-lasting time of use. With the recline going up to 180°, you can undoubtedly rely on this chair to be the best. 


  • Extremely comfortable  
  • The entire thing is adjustable. 
  • Easy and simple design. 


  • The availability of the product is questionable. 

Aerocool ThunderX3 rc3 RGB Gaming Chair Black Cyan

Aerocool ThunderX3

This is an excellent continuation of the previous series and is provided in a better color scheme, which appeals to the crowd. This is a mixture of sea green with matt leather black. The leather used in the making of this chair is high-quality PU Leather, which, just like most faux leathers, are made to last and have a wonderful, lasting life.

This is made with a full metal frame that can easily support a weight limit of 100kgs. Considering this weight limit, this is not suitable for taller people since the chair may not be tall enough to accommodate their size.

The  Aerocool ThunderX3 rc3 RGB gaming chair Black Cyan has an adjustable back, which is easily backed up to a maximum of 180°; this means you can easily lie flat on your back and have multiple power naps while working or playing. The chair also comes with a 2-D armrest, which adds to the comfort of the chair. These aerocool RGB gaming chairs are well worth it. 


  • Premium leatherette pattern 
  • High density foam. 
  • Has an adjustable backrest. 


  • The weight limit compared to other chairs is a little less. 

VERTAGEAR Gaming Chair

gaming chair

The Vertgear pl4500 RGB gaming chair is made to provide you comfort and optimal performance. The gist of these chairs gives you comfort and adjustability like it would in a racing car. These are supposed to offer you comfort for a long time while playing and have some of the best-fixed position accommodations. These chairs allow you the ability to fix your chair in 4 fixed positions.

These RGB gaming chairs by VERTGEAR are easily adjusted according to your body weight, and you can adjust a knob to fit your weight so you can allow your body to move with ease without putting a strain on your back.

You can also adjust your chair and tilt it to 140°, which allows you to be seated in a comfortable position. This seat is ideal for not putting a strain on any part of your body and can be adjusted according to the user in every way. The fiber used in this chair is ideal for quick drying and does not retain moisture omitting any odor.  


  • Keeps the environment clean. 
  • Has a hydronic factor. 
  • Is easy to clean. 


  • Not suggested for taller and healthier gamers. 


These chairs are some of the most affordable chairs and provide a good range of qualities which make them very easy to pick from. All of these provide the user with the ability to sit comfortably and adjust the chair to whatever their need is. These chairs can support a fair amount of weight and are built to last a good time. Some of these have excellent warranties, which allow the buyer to be satisfied with their purchase every time. These chairs are an excellent investment for a good posture and excellent gaming time with every aspect considered. 


These are a few questions that you know the answer to before you decide to but any of these chairs. 

What is the meaning of an ergonomic chair?

Ergonomic chairs are used to support your back and provide lumbar support. These chairs are supposed to be some of the best designs offered; used both professionally and in the casual household, these can provide comfort and excellent body support for extended hours of use. These are supposed to not tire people out even when these chairs have been used for multiple hours. These also should be easily adjusted according to the user’s will so that their body can easily sit on the chair without any discomfort.  

What is a race car chair design?

These were the initial gaming chair designs that were opted for creating these chairs. Just like a racing car can cater to the user with comfort even while driving for multiple hours, just like this, these chairs can provide the user with hours of comfortable use and can be easily adjusted to the user’s height and back support.  

What is PU leather?

Pu leather is a replacement for real leather, considering that genuine leather is not very environmentally friendly and is made with animal skin. This “vegan” leather is used in place to provide a much friendlier option. Using this leather, it can be manipulated in multiple ways to ensure that the product is used on is catered according to what the product demands. 

Should I buy an expensive gaming chair instead of a normal chair?

A normal chair is not supposed to be used for hours and hours on end. These are supposed to be used for a specific amount of time. These can not provide support to the body at all and are incredibly uncomfortable. A gaming chair is made for elongated use; these are made to be comfortable and keep the char breathable to ensure not a lot of odor is built up inside the chair. The easy-breezy qualities of these chairs should be the reason you buy a gaming chair instead of being stuck with a normal plastic one. 

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