Top 7 Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming – Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to emphasize the consistency of your sound over gaming headphones? If yes, then you choose the right place for this purpose. Undoubtedly, everyone prefers the quality over budget.

But nowadays, it has become a difficult task to find your best quality product in the market. To overcome this problem, I have provided enough information about the best open back headphones under 150 for gaming in this article. 

As you know, you will always regard the sound quality as the top priority when playing a game. Therefore, players often use closed-back headphones for gaming purposes. Additionally, these open-back headphones are the perfect option for the more natural and consistent sound bass.

In particular, these multi-functional headphones have been specifically developed for gaming, DJs, mixing, recording, and mastering technical tenacities. An audiophilic headphone like this is very sophisticated and good looking, which can also attract you more.

Well, for further detail, keep reading this article!

Top 7 Best Open Back Headphones for Gaming

Best Open Back Headphones under 150$

EPOS I Sennheiser GAME One Gaming Headset

Best Open Back Headphones under 150 for Gaming

A very innovative and dynamically engineered EPOS I Sennheiser Gaming Headset has developed for incredible, natural, and accurate sound. To provide you the high-fidelity sound, these are the best pc gaming headset 2020.

Noise-canceling Features

Immensely, one of the most significant features of these headsets is the cancellation of noise. Along with a highly flexible boom arm, you can easily set up the best sound position. By eliminating the unwanted noise from the background, the headset gives your ears a very clear tone.

Original Transducer Technology

The product has been integrated with the original transceiver technology for extra crystal-clear connectivity and HiFi audio. In this way, not only will you get extreme acoustic clarity, but you will also get balanced frequencies.

Volume Adjustment Levels

In particular, you will get a simple volume adjustment feature. With this function, the volume of the headset can be easily controlled and set according to your requirements.

When you talk about the headset design and construction, it has been made with very high quality and classic materials. This high-end open-back headset provides you with a sonically correct sound that does not harm your ears when listening to music and provides comfort.


  • Signature sound dynamics
  • Highly Accurate and Acoustic clarity
  • Noise-canceling features
  • Crystal clear communication
  • Volume adjustment functions


  • Average construction quality

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Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile Open-Air Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X

To deliver you clear treble and Midrange sound, Audio-Technica Open-Air Headphones have built with high classified features. Very advanced technology has merged with the headsets for the super-class standard sound. 

Very Detailed Sound 

Thus, for crystal-clear communication, the networking technology used in the building is very beneficial. The high clarity of the sound and detailed bass can be achieved with deep effects. So, you have to try this headset once for a comfortable listening experience.

Light-Weight Construction 

Hence, it is a highly recommended device for all professionals and gamers due to its very lightweight building quality. They have to interact all the time with music, so it’s appropriate for them because it’s really easy to wear all the time.

Open-Airy Type Design 

Open-airy style construction coupled with honeycomb casing makes it an excellent listening device when it comes to design. Even if you’re wearing it for a long time, you can feel zero pressure on your head. You will get the full effects and feel of the natural sound.


  • Clear treble and Midrange
  • Excellent Connectivity Technology
  • Light-weight aluminum Honeycomb
  • Amazing Acoustic properties
  • The very comfortable listening experience


  • A bit expensive as compared to other headsets

Sennheiser HD 599 Open Back Headphone

Sennheiser HD 599

If your old-fashioned headset is irritating your ears to wear for a long time, say good-bye to them and bring these versatile Sennheiser HD Open Back Headsets. These newly designed headsets have built to provide you audiophilic sound having a premium design and it fits in Best Open Back Headphones under 150 list.

Luxurious Padded Headband 

Thus, the headset has the velour covered ear pads that have built with the luxuriously padded headband. This feature provides you some extra comfort and eases while using it. Also, it is highly recommended for a long listening session. 

Multiple Connectivity Options 

Additionally, you will also get multiple connectivity options with the product. It has a modifiable cable of 3m length and a .3mm jack for easy connectivity. In this way, you can easily move around your office or home with this cable. 

Timeless Design Construction 

Not only the features, but it also has a timeless design construction that make it more attractive. Along with the lory color and matte finishing, the headset delivers quality at first glance. You will get the detailed quality and extra glamoured with it. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Last but not least, for your satisfaction, the product has built with the plane 2-years warranty. So that there will be no chance of damage to the product. Along with high efficiency. 


  • Audiophilic sound quality
  • Premium, matte finish design structure
  • Luxurious velour Covered ear pad
  • Robust Detachable Cable
  • Extremely low distortion
  • Two years fine warranty


  • Average quality sound bass

Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X Audiophile Open-Air Headphone

Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X

Are you looking for a Best Open Back Headphones under 150 that can facilitate you with very natural sound? Audio-Technica Open Air Headset has built with CCAW voice coils that will provide you full deep, impactful bass, and amazing vocal projection. 

Zero Pressure Headsets 

Superlative, open-air headsets have been designed in a way that it will not push any pressure on the ears while wearing it for long hours. As a result, you will get the complete natural sensation sound that will very enjoyable for you. 

Aluminum Casing 

Let’s come to the construction of the headsets. So, along with the aluminum casing, the headset has built very light-weight to wear and carry easily. You will not face any difficulty while carrying it with you for a long time. 

Flexible Raised Fabric 

Moreover, a flexible raised fabric makes the headsets a very durable and reliable product for you. You can easily use it for a long period as it will not damage it. Also, it has self-adjusting 3D wing support with it that offers high-class comfort to your ears. 


  • Remarkable natural sound
  • Outstanding Vocal Projection
  • Zero pressure on ears
  • A completely natural sensation
  • Self-Adjusting 3D Wing Support Housin


  • A little bit costly

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR X-Edition Headsetv

ASTRO Gaming A40

This open back headphone costs under $150 and has very light-weight construction, ASTRO Gaming Headset has developed with premium material for pressure-free sound. To provide you the long-time practice of gaming, the product is highly preferable for you.

High-Class Finishing 

A very high-class finishing material has been used in the headset that can be very comfortable and cozy for your ears. Especially for gamers and designers, it has been designed to offer very clear and precise sound. 

Noise-Free Detailed Sound 

At every frequency level, you will get a noise-free and detailed sound. Additionally, you can easily set the sound level of the headset as you want. In this way, you will not restrict the specified sound level. 

Superlative Removable Headset

An amazing and superlative removable headphone provides you the ease of Uni-directional sound with a mic that will help you to avoid the background unnecessary sound. Having the magnetic speaker with the headset, you can easily personalize it as you required. 


  • Very light-weight construction
  • Highly adjustable headset
  • Offers very high-quality voice communication
  • Greater noise Reproduction
  • Highly sensitive Uni-directional Mic


  • The average quality output of Mic

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Open Studio Headphone

Beyerdynamic DT 990

For ideal professional mixing, mastering, and gaming, the Beyerdynamic Open Studio headset is a perfect choice. You can completely rely on these open-back headsets for multiple purposes. You can say, it is one of the top 5 best open-back headsets for gaming. 

Modifiable Ear Pads

Additionally, having a transparent, strong bass, and treble sound, it is completely perfect for you. In the form of headsets, you will get soft circumoral and changeable ear pads. You will not only get quality services but also feel comfortable while wearing these headsets. 

High-quality Construction 

Furthermore, the headset has been built with very high quality strong, and sturdy material. Although, the material is sturdy but meanwhile it is soft and smooth as well. In this way, you can wear headsets for a long. 

Improved Durability and Reliability 

Beneficially, to enhance the durability and strength of the headset, it has a steel headband with it. The headband is highly comfortable that helps you to use the set for the maximum hours in a day. 


  • Exceptional spaciousness
  • Detailed tonal depth
  • Mild bass and treble boost
  • Replaceable Velour Ear Pads
  • Practical Single-sided Cable


  • Problematic right driver

Philips Audio Philips HiFi Precision Stereo Headphones

Philips Audio Philips HiFi

Are you frustrated with your old headsets with low bass sound? Don’t worry. Say goodbye to your old headset and bring these newly built headphones for you. Very high quality of the headset has been made to offers your full spectrum of sound. 

Indoor and outdoor freedom 

Additionally, the headset has a 1.5m cable with it that provides you the freedom of indoor or outdoor movement. With this wire, you can easily go anywhere along with the headset. Also, it has a double-layered cushion designed with it that provides very comfort to your ears. 

Breathable Cushions 

In this way, having this breathable cushion with the headset, you will find no difficulty in wearing the headset for a long time. Hence, a gold-plated connector has been designed for acoustic and frequent sound. 

Angel Drivers 

Moreover, you will get the ease of angel drivers with the headsets to easily adjust the position of the product with the ears. In this manner, you can comfortably set the headset where you want to listen easily. 


  • Full-spectrum sound
  • Comfortable double layered headband cushion
  • Breathable ear cushions
  • Gold plated Connectors
  • High precision Sound


  • Inappropriate sizing of the headset

Buying Guide

As you know the use of headsets in the music and gaming industry is undeniable. Mostly, individuals have to confront the issue of using headphones regularly. Not all headsets provide the same convenience and ease as open-back headsets.

Choosing the right product together with all the right features and characteristics is not such a hard job. But when going to buy the best open back headset on the market of all things, you need a tricky mind.

So, here are some factors to consider while going to buy a headset

Design and Build Quality

Above all, one of the most significant aspects to consider when buying a headset is design and construction. With very low-quality material, many headsets have been produced. That results in the tangling of the headset after a few months of use.

That’s the reason why the consistency and material of the headset must be looked at in detail.

Comfort and Ease

Undoubtedly, it has no value to use if the product does not give you comfort and ease. You have to purchase a product that not only gives you quality, but also comfort.

Sound Quality

Without decent sound quality, the headsets are not beneficial. Therefore, you have to accept sound quality as the primary priority. As it is one of the main purposes of product use, people should not compromise on quality.

Noise Isolation

If your headset does not give you the noise cancellation feature, then you have no advantage over old-fashioned products with these headsets. These headphones that have no advanced features and specifications must not spend money on them.


In this age of smart work, modern technology has made the life of people very comfortable. If you are a professional gamer then the best open-back headphones for gaming  is the best decision for you.

As I have briefly explained all the best gaming headphone devices along with the pros and cons, for your convenience. And after huge research, in terms of quality, construction, performance, and reliability, I will suggest you Philips Audio Philips HiFi Precision Stereo Headphones.

For further interesting articles, keep in touch with us and share your feedback in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few questions that you know the answer to before you decide to but any of these chairs. 

What are the best headsets for gaming?

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR X-Edition Headset is the best headsets for gaming along with very advanced technology.

Can you use studio headphones for gaming?

Yes, you can use studio headsets for gaming purposes.

Do open-back headsets sound better?

Of course, these headsets provide you audiophilic sound quality.


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