10 Best Height Adjustable Standing Desks [Buyer’s Guide]

Adjustable standing desks are not the most common thing to find people using, and they may not be very common in a boomer’s office, but if there is a millennial around, you are sure to find something like this lying around. The basic concept of an adjustable standing desk is to accommodate a person’s need to stand between working or adjusting the table to become smaller and sitting down and performing their tasks. You are suggested not to sit for multiple hours consecutively and change it up a little bit from day to day routines; you may require buying an adjustable standing desk. 

Best Height Adjustable Standing Desks Reviews

Below we have the list for the best height adjustable standing desks that you might require. Check the list, to find the ideal adjustable standing desk for your office or your home as well.

ABOX Store Electric Powered Lifting Desk

best height adjustable standing desks

You can be provided with ease and comfort with this adjustable table, considering this is can easily be adjusted between 5.9”-19.6” with just the push of a button. And it helps you stay quiet and still enjoy the sturdy built to remain in the position desk every time you need it. The control is electrical and sufficiently quiet.

The workspace on this desk is enough for one person to utilize and still have enough around their computers. And you can put your stuff and some other personal belongings to make the desk feel much more comfortable and homely to ensure your desk still feels like it belongs to you and still can relieve you of your stress much quickly. 


  • Electrical button height adjustment. 
  • Spacious. 
  • Weighted bottom. 


  • The price may be a little too expensive. 

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Flexispot Store Standing Desk Converter


This is an approach of a simple stand to ensure that you have a sturdy base to work with when adjusting the table and making it much taller or shorter. The bottom has. The proper stand which allows you to select which height is suitable for you. This allows the user to customize the table very easily and quickly.

One can work and function at their own pace and not have to worry about anything else. This also has a spacious workspace fitting two entire monitors on the desk and has a separate pulling drawer that can accommodate a whole keyboard. This allows you to be comfortable and fit multiple components on the table, making you feel even more comfortable. 


  • Easy to use and adjust. 
  • Simple design. 
  • Spacious workspace. 


  • Has a weight limit of 33lbs of material on the desk. 

FITUEYES Store Adjustable Standing Desk

adjustable standing desk

A rather different approach to the whole adjustable desk scene. This is something that comes entirely as a small desk that needs to be placed upon an existing desk n used as an extension to allow you to sit and work on the top. This does have a generous workspace and will enable you to load everything with a load weighing up to 22lbs.

This has the same X design, which can be easily adjusted and includes a silicone patch at the bottom, which allows you to keep the table stable and not slip out when you weigh it down; this also has rounded edges ensure maximum comfort for you. You can again really quickly move this desk anywhere you’d like, work from your bed if it suits you. 


  • Compact and easy. 
  • Portable. 
  • Big desk space. 


  • It’s considerably unconventional as an extension on an already existing deck. 

FLEXISPOT Store Adjustable Standing Desk

store adjustable standing desk

A real solid deal that provides you the sturdiness you may need from home set up and can be a standard desk at times of need. This can switch from 28”-47.6,” which is a tremendous difference to both sit and stand. With an industrial steel construction and a sturdy wooden top, this allows up to 154lbs of working weight, which not only supports your computers and paperwork, etc. but can also support your super body leaning up against the desk when times may require it.

This is easy to adjust since this is an electrical set up which changes the height upon command through a motor. The delivery comes in two separate packages and needs to be assembled to ensure you’re getting a final product; the assembly is supposed to be done by the one who buys the product. 


  • Very high weight support. 
  • Huge workspace. 
  • Great material usage. 


  • Needs assembly. 

Seville Classic Store Electric Adjustable Standing Desk

Seville classic store

A great product that is definite to work for anyone who requires adjustability with convince. This table is easily one of the best you’ll find; even though it requires at-home assembly, it still does not mean that the person ordering it should hesitate in any way. This will genuinely be one of the best decisions you make for your office or your home.

This is great when it comes to adjustability with ranging from 25.6” – 51.4”. And this is all done super quickly and easily with the help of a touchpad, which has a digital display of the height increments and decreases as per requirement. And the height changes within seconds and stays put while providing ample space for you to work through. 


  • LCD touchpad. 
  • Motor increment and decrease. 
  • Easy to control. 


  • This does not require assembly and is shipped in two separate pieces

SIMBR Standing Desk Converter

SIMBR standing desk

The people who would rather choose comfort over effort and would want to save money rather than multiple hundred dollars on buying a simple desk can opt for such an option. These are the simple attachments that can be made at any time and can cause an increment in your desk within a second and stay put when you require it.

This can add an extra 30” to your existing desk and still is pretty comfortable to work with and can be picked up and taken anywhere one requires it.

This makes sure you’re not in an uncomfortable situation and allows you to stay pretty laid back while working; a simple touch and your desk will be higher, and you’ll be ready to stand. 


  • Affordable. 
  • Petty easy to adjust. 
  • Comfortable.  


  • Is pretty small and does not work like a whole desk overall. 

Seville Classics Adjustable Mobile Laptop Desk

Seville classics

For the people who don’t have much baggage and require an adjustment while working, this is the adjustable table you should opt for. This can cater to a single monitor or one laptop and does not look like it could take a load higher than that since it does not have enough space.

Though this is small, it can work for a keyboard with a laptop or monitor and has the convenience of being rolled around with the wheels attached to the bottom. The table has a maximum extension of 30,” which is pretty convenient for a quick change while working.

Considering the price and the adaptability, this has it’s a bargain and does not disappoint in any specific way. The structure seems pretty sturdy and can support a standard setup for a student or conventional office worker. 


  • Small and easy. 
  • Extremely affordable. 
  • has wheels attached. 


  • Is pretty small for an entire office desk setup. 

Uncaged Ergonomics Store Adjustable Laptop Stand

Uncaged ergonomics store adjustable laptop stand

This is not so much a desk, but it does hold your laptop and adjust its height according to your requirement and can help keep your lap nice and cool and maintain your laptop in multiple directions without the hassle of cooking your thighs while heating up.

This is an extension that slips easily on the bottom of your laptop and can very easily be adjusted to increase it’s height to what is required by the user. Continuing this will provide you an extension mouse pad, which allows you to use the mouse with ease and can be switched to both left and right sides to ensure compatible usage. 


  • Easy to alter. 
  • Can be placed on a desk as an increment. 
  • Convenient. 


  • Does not give you space for additional accessories. 

TechOrbits Standing Desk Converter

standing desk converter

A converter that makes a standard desk into a standing desk. This Standing desk gives you the ability to have a much larger workspace, with the ability to make your workspace much taller and allow you to be in a much more comfortable situation than sitting for hours on end. This also can alter the angle from which you look at your computer.

This does have a steel frame that is easily adjusted and adds a few extra inches initially, and you can then gradually add more as per you require. This world great on any desk and can handle 33lbs at one time while accommodating a considerable surface area. 


  • Sleek design. 
  • Affordable 
  • weighs only 32.8lbs and is portable. 


  • This adjustable standing desk is at the end of the day an extra accessory. 

Tatkraft Store Portable Laptop Desk

store Portable laptop desk

A portable laptop tray that you can take anywhere your heart desires and allows you to move your laptop quickly and pretty conventional all-around your place while being easily adjusted with the height required by you.

This adjustable standing desk also comes with a mouse pad that can be used for convenience, and this is easy to assemble while being used and does not require and very hefty change to ensure that it is workable. The entire setup is easy and very conventional for any office or home worker to adapt to. It’s an excellent option to opt for and is pretty affordable as well. The height adjustability on this thing is pretty great as well. 


  • Easy adjustability. 
  • Great price. 
  • Moveable 


  • Has customer service issues. 

Best Height Adjustable Standing Desks Buying Guide:

These are factors that are must to consider before buying an adjustable desk. 


Make sure you know the perfect size or height you desire for your desk. Do not go for smaller adjustability just because it is a little less expensive. The people who are tall will naturally require a more elevated desk table that can lift and be adjusted to a much higher level to ensure you have the comfort you require. 


A smaller space may be very convenient for people who use laptops and just a mouse. But for people who have an entire desktop setup, they would be required to buy a while elongated desktop, which can contain all their necessary products and lift while including every product essential while standing up. A smaller space may not be the bat option for professional workers since they may find it weird and very unsatisfactory to work over a small desk. 

Ease in adjusting. 

This pretty much depends on what and how the motor in your desk responds to any user’s request. Some tables have motor control and automatically change the table’s height, but some of the tables have a gas exchange X mechanism, which will require you to adjust the height as per your requirement manually. 

Make sure if you have the budget, you choose your convenience and determine whatever is most easy for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs 

Why should we buy adjustable desks?

No one is suggested to sit at a desk staring at a mundane screen for multiple hours at one time. It does certainly get extremely dull and makes the person fatigue out within a few hours. For the busy men and women who can’t take a break every other hour, they could buy a standing desk to change their seating position conventionally or simply stand and work for a change in the environment. This may help make their motivation higher and allow the workers to have better posture and not tire out very quickly. 

Some businessmen and women also opt for such tables to keep up with their workout routine and still perform their daily work tasks. This saves both time and space. 

What is the best material for these desks?

Choosing a fine wood piece and a steel addition at the bottom will be an excellent option to opt for. Since this is a perfect combination for anyone to opt for and for such fine designs, the company mostly has warranties and is easy to fix and replace but still have a long life and strong durability.

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