Best Budget Storage For Gaming PC

Gone are the times when computers were only used for work. Well, we left it behind long ago. Since then, improvements have been made to update computers in both work and fun sector. Now people don’t want only a device that helps them do their tasks and a device that is there for the entertainment. In recent years computers have been used continuously and improved in the gaming sector. People only started it for entertainment, but it has such a big fanbase that they even earn money through it.

However, today, to have a good fun experience of gaming, you should have all the top-notch equipment too. By equipment, we mean a top-quality computer. Because the games today are massive with extreme resolution. Do you know what helps in running your computer smoothly while gaming? SSDs. Yes, SSDs are now replacing old magnetic hard disks, and for all the right reasons. Hard disks are slower, but solid-state drives run much faster due to their low read-access time. Its time is measured in nanoseconds. Isn’t it great? 

To have a drive that doesn’t take time to read and write the data at all. That is why if your gaming computer doesn’t have an SSD, then you are doing it wrong. But don’t you worry, you can always add one. If you do not know which SSDs are the best, then we have a few best budget storage for gaming pc 2020 for you right here. 

6 Best Budget Storage for Gaming PC in 2020

Seagate Firecuda 520 500GB Performance Internal Solid State Drive

best budget storage for gaming pc, Seagate Firecuda 520

The first solid-state drive is by the Seagate Store. This SSD storage provides decent performance for all your work and, as required here, for gaming as well. The company is more known for its hard disks, but SSDs are replacing as hard disks, they have jumped into the game. This SSD is somewhat different, and you will know why. The FireCude 520 has a pseudo-SLC write cache.

This takes up on the inbound writes. The manufacturer claims that this SSD storage has one of the highest endurances than the other products on the market. This is because the SSD features Phison’s fourth-gen Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) error correction code. The SSD has S.M.A.R.T but doesn’t have the AES 256-bit hardware encryption. Seagate also offers you a free software named SeaTools. This software helps you in monitoring your SSD overall. Be it the health, updates, or any virus. 


  • Great performance 
  • Can write a large amount of cache
  • Design is good
  • Comes in different storage capacities


  • The heatsink isn’t included

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Samsung (MZ-V7E500BW) 970 EVO SSD 500GB

Samsung (MZ-V7E500BW) 970 EVO SSD, best budget SSD for gaming pc

The second on the best budget SSD for gaming 2020 list is by the fantastic Samsung. When it’s Samsung, you know you can relax in terms of the quality and life of the product. The 970 EVO has excellent performance, and they also offer you the right software package.

The price of 970 EVO now is at the competition with other similar SSDs too. The EVO series is for the mainstream, but this particular model, 970 EVO, has a new flash and a five-core phoenix controller. Wondering what difference does it make?

Well, these two things are only in the Pro model and not in EVO. But 970 EVO features these. You get the features of Pro at the price of EVO. You wouldn’t want to miss this heck of an offer.


  • Fantastic performance in every task
  • Mind-blowing strength 
  • A good package of software


  • None as for now

Seagate Barracuda 510 1TB SSD Internal Solid-State Drive.

Seagate Barracuda 510, best budget SSD for pc

We have yet another Seagate SSD in best budget storage for gaming pc list. That’s because just how reliable they are. Usually, their Firecuda series is what is known for the excellent gaming experience. But this particular model of the Barracuda series is no less for gaming.

It comes with a five-year warranty, which is good for the price it offered. You won’t see a difference in performance with the passing days. It doesn’t come in size more than 1TB, but the speed of 3.1/2.1 GB/s will satisfy you more than enough. v


  • Offers five-year warrant
  • Comes with software support
  • Good performance 


  • The design isn’t very appealing 
  • Limited storage range

WD_Black SN750 500GB NVMe Internal Gaming SSD

WD_Black SN750 500GB NVMe, best budget SSD for pc

This SSD is by the Western Digital Store. If we are to sum it up to its performance in a few words, it may not be as fast as its competitors, but it sure can write a large amount of data. The hardware is no different than the model of the previous generation.

Updates in firmware have been made, though, to get the best possible performance. It can be compared to the fastest SSDs of the market due to its update on the SSD dashboard. Other than that, it also has a new gaming mode, which is precisely what we are looking for! The design of this SSD is somewhat military-like. This is an excellent appeal to gamers. 


  • Better performance than previous models 
  • Great design
  • Provides consistent performance 


  • More power consumption

Crucial MX500 500GB 3D Internal SSD

Crucial MX500 500GB, best budget storage for pc

This SSD by Crucial comes at a very affordable price for the gaming experience or performance it offers. It contains the newest NAND by micron. The controller it uses is SMI SM2258. Yes, the controller is old but crucial claims that it will give fantastic performance because of the Low-Density Parity-Check.

This LDPC will provide a power output as required by the gaming because its error correction algorithms control enough to go with the new 64-layer 3D NAND. Overall, it offers a fantastic price to performance ratio. 


  • Very affordable for the performance it offers
  • Five-year warranty
  • Long-lasting 


  • Design is basic

Western Digital 500GB WD Blue 3D NAND Internal PC SSD 

Western Digital 500GB WD Blue 3D NAND, best budget storage for pc

The last one on our list is by the very old manufacturer, Western Digital. Even though they have improved their performance, they still can’t adapt to the ways of new SSDs. It still has a higher performance than X400. The drive has Marvell 88SS1074 “Dean” 4-channel controller. This controller easily supports LDPC. 


  • A great competition to mainstream SSDs
  • Software included


  • Is still behind the new models 


One thumb rule for everything, whatever thing you are doing, does it with full enthusiasm. The same goes for computer gaming. It may look like nothing important, but you can only experience the best if you invest in your computer and other components. If you want to experience gaming at its fullest, get an SSD that can easily support the games we have today in the market. 

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