3 Best 1440p 144hz Monitor under $300

For people who run their businesses, the use of terminologies regarding computer hardware parts is quite normal. If you too are among those, you can very well understand the struggle of buying the best parts. Monitors, for example, need to work extraordinarily fast especially when you are a professional gamer!

If I say I am here to discuss the best 1440p 144hz monitor under 300, wouldn’t you be attracted? I am sure you would. Monitors with 1440p and 144Hz are the ones used as gaming monitors.

The main advantage that you get out of such monitors is a remarkable speed and a splendid graphic display! Let me discuss a few details with you.

Best 1440p 144hz Monitor under 300

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AOC C24G1 24″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor


Acer Nitro VG271 Pbmiipx 27 Inches Full HD


ViewSonic ELITE XG240R 24 Inch 1080p

AOC C24G1 24″ Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

AOC C24G1 24" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor Best 1440p 144hz Monitor under 300

AOC gaming monitors can give you an out of the world experience! It would not be wrong if I call it the best budget curved gaming monitor. You get amazing features and highly durable quality product in a reasonable range.

Stylish design

The eye-catchy design of AOC C24G1 monitors can convince anyone to fall for it. It has a 23.6 inches widescreen display with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. It is a reversely curved monitor screen for you to have an excellent viewing experience.

The advantage of having Free-Sync support in these monitors makes sure your eyes do not get strained.

Speed of Light

You can therefore enjoy your games without having itchy eyes or ending up with a headache.

As I said these monitors tend to work at the speed of light, their refresh rate is 144 Hz and the response rate is 1ms. So now you have a very well idea of the speed they possess!

Amazing gaming experience

The curved design of the monitor makes you the center of attraction. You can view the screen and enjoy your entertainment task without any exhaustion. The fast refreshing rate and the response time ensure to give you an uninterrupted gaming experience! With no flaws and smooth fluency, you get to enjoy the most.

Excellent Frame-less Design

The monitor has a frameless design, thus, making it easier for you to view its different angles. You can set it according to your preference to get the most of it. It has a thin bezel display.

The company provides you with excellent customer support. You get a single opportunity for a year for replacing it on any damage.


  • Frameless monitor
  • Thin bezel display
  • Fast refreshing rate
  • Free sync support


  • Curved monitor screen for a better experience
  • No flickering or an interruption
  • Excellent customer support


  • The screen turns blur on scrolling

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Acer Nitro VG271 Pbmiipx 27 Inches Full HD

Acer Nitro VG271 Pbmiipx 27 Inches Full HD Best 1440p 144hz Monitor under 300

Acer Nitro monitor is among the most responsive and excellent quality monitors. You get a real-life encounter while playing on these! I don’t think you can any better monitor than these. It is the Best 1440p 144hz Monitor under 300$.

Widescreen with other features

These monitors consist of a widescreen which is 27 inches full HD. The resolution of it is 1920 x1080. Such a detailed resolution gives it a clean and clear appearance on the screen.

You get to experience an edge to edge image! Another unique feature is the color detailing on the screen. There is an In-Plane switching technology installed in it to make sure you get the same color view from all angles.

Ultimate gaming zone

You as a professional gamer would never be satisfied if you get the screen in front of you blurry and flickering. Of course, no one would want that. To make this correction and allow you to have a free of disturbance gaming, manufacturers got a solution.

AMD Radeon Free-Sync Technology

There is a technology known as AMD RADEON FREESYNC Technology. This allows you to enjoy a smooth and fluent episode with zero disturbances. The response rate of these monitors is really fast! It is 1ms with all the features moving in front of you like never before.

High-Efficiency Rate

The refresh rate being 144Hz makes sure the monitor takes less time to input the graphics and render it on screen. Unlike other monitors, you will find these working at a considerably higher speed.

As there is no frame on the monitor, the design becomes sleek and slim.


  • High graphics and resolution
  • Considerably high speed
  • Sleek and slim monitor design
  • In-plane switching technology


  • Consists of two speakers
  • HDMI cable is included
  • Excellent and clear appearance


  • Works slower than the speed guided

ViewSonic ELITE XG240R 24 Inch 1080p

ViewSonic ELITE monitor is counted as the best budget gaming monitor with 1440p 144hz resolution! You get all that you desire at a less price than other monitors. I can guarantee you its quality and durability.

Display and colors

ViewSonic monitors have 24 inches wide screen which is a full HD screen. It has a resolution of which makes pictures, movies, and games as clear as glass for you!

ELITE RGB Lighting

Along with the crystal-clear features on screen, it also possesses a great speed.

One of its amazing features also includes ELITE RGB lighting. This is a backlight present in the monitor and its keyboard. It gives an advantage to you for working in a dark background!

Non-stop gaming experience

The monitors render the graphic output at a very high speed for you to experience the best game playing. The response rate is 1ms and 144 Hz is the refresh rate of it.

AMD Free-Sync Technology is yet another feature of it to discuss. This enables the synchronization between your monitor and the graphics.

Customization of game

In this way, it increases the speed and decreases the time required overall for rendering the graphic output by the monitor.

The customization of the game setting is yet another mind-boggling feature of ViewSonic ELITE monitors. Now you are free to make changes according to your preferences!


  • View-Sonic Elite monitors
  • High speed of the graphic output
  • Full wide, HD screen
  • Great value for the price


  • Has an adjustable stand
  • ELITE RGB lighting technology
  • Game settings can be customized


  • No curved or reversely curved screen


All the main features of gaming monitors for you have been illuminated by this review. A layman doesn’t need to grasp the passion a professional gamer has in him. Only you as an individual will understand the need for the best 1440p 144hz monitor under 300!

Furthermore, if you want a highly responsive and good performing laptop, ViewSonic ELITE XG240R 24 Inch 1080p is best 1440p 144hz monitor for you.

In the end, do share your feedback with us!

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